What sleep deprivation does to your body

What sleep deprivation does to your body Ever felt hazy and sluggish after not getting enough sleep? Most of us have encountered sleep deprivation in our lives, but what does it do to our bodies? Studies have shown that being sleep deprived is almost the same as being drunk. Watch the video below to see what sleep deprivation does to your body. Being occasionally sleep deprived would make you feel awful, but being sleep deprived in the long-term is definitely harmful for your health. As Huffington post says, “lack of sleep puts you in a bad mood, makes you think slower, could have long-term side-effects, etc.” Your brain would have to work extra hard to “compensate for the adverse effects caused by lack of sleep”. So, put your electronics away tonight and get a good night’s sleep! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfmy0d9oWt8