What is the history of Thumper Massager? | Why Thumper?

Every company has its history. For Thumper, this history goes a long way back. Over 45 years, to be exact. So what is the history of Thumper Massager?

Thumper® is the first choice of chiropractors, massage therapists, and professional athletes in treating muscle aches and tension. In fact, Thumper Massagers are used by over 200,000 professionals worldwide. With over 45 years of experience, you can see why people love Thumper.


Thumper Massagers were initially developed in 1974 for professional use in the clinic and was aimed to release muscle tension on a patient before a chiropractic adjustment. This was the first electric massager and it was called the Vibrotoner. With research and development conducted by Toronto Chiropractor Lyman Johnson and with the help of Mechanical Engineers from Magna International Inc., this first percussive electric massager was made possible.

Through years of development and continuous improvement, the Vibrotoner has eventually developed into our current Maxi Pro massager. The Maxi Pro is the most widely used Thumper by chiropractors on their patients around the world. Since patients love the Thumping action and want to bring that massage experience back home, Thumper Massager designed home-use models to help suit their needs.

The patented Thumping action makes the massage effective as it penetrates deep into the muscle to relieve tension and increase blood flow. There are so many additional benefits that come with massages in general, such as: stress relief, relaxation, post-workout muscle soreness relief, and more. And these are just to name a few of the many benefits that come with vibrational therapy!

Today, people can enjoy the benefits of professional treatment at home with the Thumper. Bring the massage experience home with either the Thumper Sport or the Thumper Mini Pro! Whether you want a massager for general use or treatment on a specific area, Thumper has just the right product for you.

Why Thumper?

All Thumper Massagers feature our patented Thumping action. Let the massager do the work for you. Simply park the massager on an area to be treated and feel the muscles relax. The Thumping action sends energy perpendicular into muscle tissue for an efficient deep-tissue massage. Then, glide the massager over to the next area and repeat. Experience a great massage without feedback on the handle.

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