Want to Know the 5 Ways on How to Improve Your Sleep?

We all have the tendency to not get enough sleep, or we get too much sleep, correct? Well, both can lead to an unproductive day, and can be linked to health issues. I am going to focus on the positives of sleeping and how you can improve your sleep! Sleep is your king or queen when it comes to your body’s health and healing. Let’s begin with our first benefit! 1) Set a regular sleep schedule Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Choose a time when you normally feel tired, and this will help you from tossing and turning. Try not to break the routine on weekends, even though it may be tempting to stay up late. Waking up at the same time everyday can also help you with your natural alarm! This will help maintain your wake-up times during the weekend too. 2) Eat earlier in the evening Late night snacks or dinners can cause interfering with your sleep. A hormone called melatonin (Franson Chiropractic) is necessary to ready our bodies for sleep and eating reduces those hormones. Try to eat earlier in the evening so your hormones can prepare for a beautiful sleep! If you encounter dinner drowsiness, try to get off the couch and phone a friend, wash the dishes or go for a walk. 3) Increase light exposure during the day While driving to work, remove your sunglasses! If you take the bus, try to stand near the window to expose yourself to more light. Try to spend more time outside during school or work. Take your lunch breaks outside, exercise outside, or try to move your office desk closer to the window. If in school, sit near the window before your classmate sits there! You can even keep the blinds or curtains open to let in light! 4) Create a relaxing bedtime routine Do you ever relax and unwind before bed? If you do, you will sleep easier and deeper. A peaceful sleep can trigger a powerful signal to your brain to wind down and let go of your daily stress. One way to do this would be to keep noise down. If it is difficult to keep noise down because of passing traffic or a dog barking, try turning on a fan or soothing music. The second factor can be to keep your room cool. The temperature in your room affects your sleep too! A bedroom that is too hot or too cold can affect someone’s sleep. The third routine would be to make sure your bed is comfortable. Quick Facts for bedtime rituals
  • Take a warm bath
  • Read a book
  • Do some stretches
  • Find a small hobby
  • Make a simple list for the next day’s tasks
5) Get regular exercise and eat right Daytime eating and exercise habits play a role in how well we sleep. We should watch what we put in our bodies to ensure a proper sleeping pattern. Fatty foods or spicy foods in the evening can cause stomach problems and heartburn, which can keep you awake. Also, your stomach breaks down fatty foods much slower and can keep you awake as well. Avoiding alcohol before bed can also help with your sleep quality. Alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but it can wake you up later in the night. Another drink to avoid would be caffeinated products. Caffeine can cause sleep problems up to 10-12 hours after drinking it! Eliminating caffeine after lunch can help you regulate your sleep. Exercise can help you sleep more deeply. You don’t have to be the next baseball or basketball professional, but 20 -30 minutes a day of activities can help your sleep. Gardening, yoga, walking, a bike ride or housework can help promote sleep. We have taken a look at 5 ways on how you can improve your sleep and each point is valid and can help you sleep better at night. These points can improve your quality of sleep and ensure you a healthy and productive day when you wake up. References Smith, M., Robinson, L., & Segal, R. (2013, May 5). How to sleep better. Retrieved from http://www.helpguide.org/life/sleep_tips.htm Admin. (2013, April 1). 5 ways to improve your sleep. Retrieved from http://www.fransonchiropractic.com/blog/2013/04/01/5-ways-to-inprove-your-sleep/