The Fake Sounds Companies Add to Products

Why are some appliances like the vacuum cleaner, so darn loud? Why do some buttons make a sound when you press it and why are crunchy chips a sign of freshness? There has been research done for companies to learn how we interpret feedback and how the sound of an object helps with our associations to quality. The sounds that some products make are fake or engineered to sound a certain way.

Depending on the product, we are unconsciously looking for a specific sound that would satisfy our criteria. For some products, we might be looking for a louder product as we associate that with the product being more powerful. On the other hand, we may look for a product that is quieter as we associate that with modernity and is made with higher quality and technology. Of course, not all companies go through this process to engineer a specific sound. It’s part of psychology and the companies that do engineer the sounds have nailed it. Find out how they do that in the video below!

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