NEW! Cordless Lithium2 for a deep-tissue massage

Introducing... our new 5-speed battery-powered handheld percussive massager! The Thumper Lithium2!

The powerful Lithium2 dual-head battery powered percussive massager delivers an effortless full body massage in minutes!

The powerful dual-head battery-powered percussive massager delivers an effortless full-body massage in minutes! Take it with you anywhere, be it from one treatment room to another, the yoga studio, or to the massage tent at the end of the marathon run.

Lithium2 combines the effectiveness and reliability of Thumper’s Mini Pro Model and Thumper’s new lithium battery technology. You get the strength of a plug-in model with the freedom and mobility of a battery-powered massager.

The convenience of the Lithium2 is a great addition to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle!

Thumper’s percussive action relieves muscle tension and fatigue during a relaxing and invigorating massage.

As we all know, rest is our body’s natural means to recover, but it takes time. In the demanding pace of life today, we are not getting enough rest, and this is ultimately affecting our well-being.

Massage can make a vital difference; it speeds up the recovery process rejuvenating your blood and lymph systems which keeps you healthy.

Bring the Thumper Lithium2 with you on your adventures!