Do Not Neglect Your Body Pains

All of us have experienced some mysterious and random pains in our bodies at some point. Most of us usually ignore the pains and leaves the same way as it arrived. Body pains usually send warning signs to your body so that you can seek medical attention. Although some of the pains are just mild, some mysterious pains should never be ignored. Do you know what body pains should never be ignored? Let us take a look at some of these body pains. Abdominal pain If you have eaten some foods leftovers may cause a little discomfort in our abdominal area. The torso is a busy place and a lot of activities usually take place here, therefore any sign of pain can never be ignored. Organs like kidney, uterus and lungs could cause severe abdominal pains while pain in your lower-right abdomen clearly means that your appendix is inflamed and requires removal immediately. Pain in the upper-right means, that the gall bladder could be having issues which require medical attention. Upper-back pain along the upper abdominal pain could be a possibility of pancreatitis which means the inflammation of the lungs. Nothing causing severe abdominal pains is good news and some of these pains can lead to death of intestinal tissues and other severe cases. There are some viral diseases like hepatitis B which can cause liver failure. Lower back pain Most of the back pains are job-relating disability. Lower back pains are related to kidney problems. The pain may occur due to the formation of a kidney stone which may pass on its own. This is a very traumatizing experience. At times, when the kidney is affected it usually swells and causes a lot of discomfort in your lower back. You should always get your back pain checked out since some of the pain may lead to severe cases like having a kidney tumour. Save your kidneys by not neglecting that tiny pain on your lower back. Chest Pains When we talk about chest pains we focus mostly on heart diseases. Pain from a heart attack usually shows in other places not particularly your heart. The signs may show from abdomen, shoulder, arm, throat or lower jaw. If you are at risk of heart disease then mysterious pains from your shoulder or jaw should relay a message for you to seek medical attention. Burning sensations in hands or feet Symptoms like tingling, a burning sensation or numbness could be a sign of peripheral neuropathy which has many causes like alcohol abuse, diabetes, vitamin B-12 deficiency and other disorders. In most cases, pain killers and aspirins may relieve the pain or eliminate a burning sensation but it is very important to seek medical attention to avoid future complications Headaches Headaches usually appear out of nowhere striking very hard like a clap of thunder. Most headaches could indicate a much bigger problem which can cause transient ischemic attack or stroke. Stroke occurs when there is a clot in the body’s vein or arteries breaking loose and eventually makes its way to the brain. The clot may be temporary or partially block an artery, therefore resulting in transient ischemic attack that blocks the blood flow suddenly causing a stroke. Indeed, body pains cannot be neglected because the results may be fatal. It is very important to seek medical attention before it’s late. Recurring body pains require immediate attention. Having your ehic one will be able to receive the treatment very fast and avoid further complications. Author-Bio: Am Maria Mcquire, an author by profession born and brought-up in UK. Am a writer and an avid blogger as well, I could pen down on any topic I come across. Follow me on G+