How to warm-up before your workout

How to warm-up before your workout Warming up before your workout is very important. It is especially important if your workout is high in intensity. By warming up, you are preparing your body for movements that may be too intense for your cold muscles. Your warm-up may differ from time to time, depending on what your workout contains. However, a warm-up cannot be rushed. Continue reading to learn how to warm-up before your workout to ensure the safety of your muscles and joints. To ease yourself into the warm-up routine, start with a general warm-up by warming up your whole body. This can vary depending on the temperature of your body that you are starting with – a longer general warm-up will be needed if your body is cold. Once your body is warm, focus on the mobility needed for your workout session. If your workout is a leg day, then you will have to focus on the mobility in your legs. Once that is done, do several reps of some movements from your workout at a moderate intensity. This is to prepare the muscle for the actual workout. Then, you are ready to crush your workout! For a more detailed explanation, check out the video below: