Golden Milk Smoothie Recipe

Wake up to a bright and sunny smoothie! This golden milk smoothie uses 7 wholesome ingredients. Once you have all your ingredients ready, simply throw them all in the bender!

The base of the smoothie is made from frozen banana for a healthy, natural sweetness and a creamy texture. It also helps chill the smoothie so you won’t have to add ice to it. For some flavoring that gives the smoothie a kick, add fresh ginger and ground turmeric. These provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestion benefits.

For more natural sweetness, add some cinnamon. As well, coconut milk keeps the smoothie creamy. For a more intense orange/golden hue, you can add some fresh carrot to the smoothie! Click here for the recipe and a list of alternative ingredients to easily customize your smoothie to your preference!

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