FAQ - What massager strength is right for you? | Are painful massages good? | How strong are Thumper Massagers?

FAQ - What massager strength is right for you? | Are painful massages good? | How strong are Thumper Massagers? https://youtu.be/hEnStcZEafA In this video, we go more in depth about the different key factors that makes a massager effective. How do you pick the right massager that is right for you? What are you looking to get from a massage? Thumper Massager manufactures a variety of massagers that fit a wide spectrum of people with different goals. But how do you know if a massager's strength is right for you? Strength is one of the main things that people look for in a massage. However, this can be easily confused with pain. Too painful/strong of a massage may end up doing damage to your muscles, especially when they are sore. Although a deep tissue massage suggests that the pressure should go deep, the focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. That's why at Thumper, we have different models for customers to choose from so that they can have the best possible experience with deep-tissue massage. Thumper Massagers are designed with the help of chiropractors to ensure that the depths of penetration and speeds are suitable for the body. Pain is one of the many ways a body would react to changes occurring to the body. Our perception of pain depends on the context of what is happening to the body. When it comes to massage, a common misconception is that massage should be as strong as possible for maximum massage benefits. In other words, most people believe that a deep tissue massage must hurt for it to work. This misconception may have been derived from the "no pain, no gain" phrase, but this phrase was also debunked when it comes to exercise. The belief that a "good" massage should be painful has fueled a race for companies to make massagers that are more powerful than their competitors. Unfortunately, these massagers are most likely too strong for the average person. To gain the most benefits from massage (and exercise), moderation is key. Even in the story of Goldilocks, "just right" is subjective - but "just right" will keep you and your body happy. We know that people have varying levels of pain tolerance. We also know that some people have bigger muscles than others. That's why Thumper Massager has different models to suit different needs. Our massagers run at speeds between 20 to 40 pulses per second - which is at the same healing frequencies that our bodies have. For example, with the Thumper Verve, people use it to target smaller muscles that tend to be more sensitive than larger muscles - so its depth of penetration is set to 5 mm into the muscle. However, with the Thumper Maxi Pro, people use it to target larger muscles, so its depth of penetration is set at 7 mm into the muscle. All Thumper Massagers have the patented Thumping action that makes the tapotement action effective without making it uncomfortable for the person holding the massager.