Chiropractors Help Nepalese People in the First Into the World Mission

Into pictureThe first Into the World mission took place last April (2013) in Nepal, where 3 chiropractors in 2 weeks went to treat over 300 hundred patients. The Nepal mission trip was an amazing success for the group at Into the World! Into the world is an international organization that aims to promote, develop and support health internships and voluntary work tied to the English language teaching in Asia. This organization aims to provide not only service to help people, but to make a cultural exchange that will positively influence the surrounding social and economic environment. The Into the World group took their chiropractic skills and helped the people in need in Nepal. Their main goal is to provide students to put what they practice in their academic career through volunteer work in Asia. The more volunteer work they provide to the people in need in Asian countries, the stronger they become in impacting a part of the world in positive way. Thumper is proud to have been selected as a contributor to this mission. We firmly believe the chiropractic profession is making a positive difference to people’s well-being and the ability to help people Stay Active. This project takes shape from the personal experience of Coralie Pellissier, who worked as volunteer in Nepal in 2011. For more information on Into the World, please visit their website at and like them on facebook by clicking here