Can't transition from frog stand to handstand? Try this!

If you have trouble transitioning from a frog stand to a handstand, this article is just for you! When it comes to calisthenics, performing static movements may be easy once you trained your muscles to hold the position. But transitioning between different static movements require training on how you shift your weight to move from one position to another without losing your balance!

The frog stand to handstand move is quite difficult when you are transitioning in between them because you have to move a lot of weight for a lot of distance.

Upper body strength can be tough to train - but to transition between the moves, you'll also need upper body flexibility and balance.

Your center of gravity for both positions are different – and along with many other factors, is why the transition between these two positions make it difficult.

Watch the video below to see how you can nail the transition between a frog stand to a handstand!

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